I Stopped Training... where to go to now?

Hi all,

I recently had my wedding, which was amazing, but after that my body became exhausted which caused my training to slowly go down hill. I was at least 4 weeks out from completing the low volume sustained power build phase but then energy levels dropped and could not find time to complete the rides. I would push sessions to the next week and add 1 or 2 recovery rides in place of them to hopefully get the juices flowing again. Now again life has kicked in and I feel the training has gone down hill. Should Iā€¦

try to continue and complete this training plan?
restart from base again?
or just restart the build plan and complete a ramp test?

I should add that since I have not been riding as regularly as 3 times a week my training has declined.
Sorry if this is a question that gets repeated I scrolled and searched and could not find an answer.

Kindest regards


Go back to base with a new ramp assessment