Build phase after a 3 week break

Hi all,

I’ve succesfully completed Sweet Spot Base mid volume 1 & 2 between november and january. Then I had a 3 week travel. I manage to include the last week of SSB 2 into the first week of travel to avoid doing a recovery week before a 3 week break.

Now, I’m just coming back from the 3 weeks cut off;

I wonder how I should restart my training, do you think it’s OK to jump into the sustained power build plan right now or should I first do some king of a ramp up week.
I initially planned to do a “ramp up week” ioncluding aerobic and sweet spot for increasingly longer duration but it seems to me first week of training plans are already including some sort of ramp up and the bigger load starts on week 2.

Physicaly and mentaly, I feel OK to go into the build phase directly, the ramp test might be lower due to the 3 weeks cut but I guess I can always do slight adjustment while progresssing into the plan regarding how fitness evolve.

What would you do in a case like this ? As we are not all prone to takes break exactly at the end/start of a season, I wonder how you guys manages that kind of breaks ?

If you miss any detail please ask
Thanks for your advices

I would jump on in and see how it goes. After I finished SSBMV2 I went on family vacation for a week (no cycling, but did do strength work at gym), then did the first week of General Build plus one day of the second week, and then spent the rest of the week skiing. Now I’m back, rolling into week 3 of build, and it’s fine, at least based on the first workout of the week (1.5 minute VO2max repeats). We’ll see how the sustained efforts go.

As you said, you can always adjust the workout intensity if you find you have to. I just wouldn’t avoid starting it just based on the assumption that you’ll have to. Plus, you’ll have an assessment at week 1 and week 4 to keep your training at the right level.

And besides, what would you do to “ramp up”? Probably a mix of VO2max and near-threshold work. Which is pretty much what you’ll get in build anyway.

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Thanks for the answer.
Yes to ramp up, first endurance then sweet spot then vo2max and finaly some treshold.

I’m going to jump in sustained build and see how it goes. Worst case I can simply switch back to ramp up week