Disrupted training plan

Hi. I started the sweet spot base plan, aiming to be into build phase by now, due to family issues I stopped mid way through part 2 of sweetspot base low volume ! I’m scheduled to ride tue, thur , sat just now! My plan is to go back to the start of part 2 and start again with ramp test! To try and keep on target, would it be feasible to just continually train every 2nd day tues, thur , sat,mon ,wed, fri etc? Swapping out a weekend session for a road or mtb ride ! I hope to be finished the build phase before sportive season starts here in Scotland! ( weather dependant )

How old are you?

The only reason why you put in the time to train is to reap the rewards when your body adapts during recovery. If you aren’t properly recovering then you’re basically wasting your time. Everyone is different, so if you think you can adequately recover on that schedule then go for it. If it’s going to push you way over the top, then I would focus on getting fewer, but higher quality workouts in during the week.

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Pay attention to your recovery. Recovery is the most overlooked, and most important part of training. Don’t try and cram everything in.

No harm in swapping in an outdoor ride for a weekend session. But make sure you pay attention to your recvoery afterwards.

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Yes, go back and restart SSB 2 and then move onto your Build plan. You can race, and are race ready, during the Build phase. Just taper the week of your race (depending on whether it is A, B or C priority will determine how much) and then pick up the Build plan per normal after your race. Your race will serve as your weekend ride.