Did Sweet spot mid volume II as first 6 weeks so now what?


I joined in January and love it. Without really thinking about it I chose Sweet spot mid II on the basis of my TSS. That means I am 6 weeks into my base training and am not sure what to do next, I.e. I should have done mid volume I and then mid volume II.

On the plus side I am doing a 90 mile ride (my A ride) in April and wondered whether I can just go straight to Sustained Power build?

I know the base period should be 6 weeks but I do have a decent year of riding behind me.

Thoughts anyone?


Well, I was in a similar position, except I went from Mid Vol 1 directly to the build and it got tough. Two weeks in sent me back to Mid Vol 2. I think you will know rather quickly if you have enough fitness for the build. There is only one way to find out. Good luck,

In ideal circumstances you should do

Base 1
Base 2

This is appropriate for most riders. But if you are starting from a decent level of fitness then you can skip the first phase, but it’s not usually recommended.

If you have completed build 2 successfully and consistently then I would just continue onto build and then speciality.

If did ss base 2 ok then I’d just jump to build. Don’t sweat it too much

This is also what I would recommend :+1:.

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Thank you all for the advice - adds a great dimension to being on Trainer Road. I’m going to have a rest week next week (as skiing) and then try the build phase as you have suggested. Fingers crossed !


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