Breaking through an FTP Plateau

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I’ve hit an F.T.P ‘plateau’. My FTP is ‘stuck’ at 270 watts. I completed SSB Medium Volume. Moved on to a ‘build’ phase - Sustained power build, Medium Volume, but cant complete the workouts. I basically ‘cracked’ after about a week and a half of the plan, and am now just picking out the odd workout that appeals. What should I do?

  1. Start plan again but reduce intensity by a few % from the get go?
  2. Start the plan again but skip some workouts?
  3. Try a different ‘build’ plan?
  4. Return to the base phase, Repeat SSB medium volume, and then try again?

As a rule of thumb I struggle to sit on the turbo for much longer than 75 minutes so often look to the shorter workout variants if the workout is 1 h 30 mins of greater.

Confident my FTP is correct as had it independently tested. For info, i’m 52 years old, 78.5kg, 1.81m tall. Any advice welcome!

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Bet a good rest period would do you the world of good. Week or two off the bike, then taper up starting with some endurance efforts, some tempo, touch a bit of SS and threshold… re-test after a couple of weeks of rides when you start to feel the legs, motivation and enjoyment return and get back into build phase.

IMO :slight_smile:


Thanks! Hadn’t spotted that thread :0)

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If you often fail to complete the workouts then id suggest your FTP is set too high. Nobody wants to hear that i know.

Consistentcy is what its all about and training with your correct FTP to set training zones.

But you say you had it independantly tested so maybe its burnout. More info? How long have you been plateauing for? Is it just during the recent base plan? You also say you try to cut short 1 hour 30 workouts and in sweet spit base medium that would be the weekend rides right? Those are probably the most important ones, certainly the over under hard Saturday workout.

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