Help me reschedule

Yeah, another one of those threads, sorry!

Long story short, I completed SSBLV1 and 2 over the summer and then started short power build LV. Twice now, my build has been interrupted by sickness and life. My aim was to do cyclocross specialty alongside weekend races after I’d finished build.

Given that we are now half way through CX season, and I haven’t completed a full build phase, I was thinking about just going back and doing SSB1 and 2 again, alongside the remainder of the CX races, in preparation for next summer’s road events.

Does this sound sensible? If I take this approach, do I need any extra intensity to keep me sharp (relatively) for the remainder of the CX season? Maybe I should go back to SSB2 as that has a bit more intensity than SSB1?


Can you clarify “Short” or “Sustained” for this Build?
Likely Short since you did CX, but checking that assumption.

I’m doing SSB1 LV now for the rest of the cx season. I’m also doing at least 1 cx skills/fitness session, or more if not racing. That is about 2 vo2/anaerobic sessions a week, plus the sweetspot from base. Seems a good mix to me, better than adding even more short stuff from cx speciality. It’ll also lead nicely into SSB2 after the season finishes in prep for next year.

Oops, its short power build. Although i doubt that will make any difference to the solution?

Edited my original post to make it more clear

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It seems this week’s podcast may have given me the answers I need. I think I’ll go back and do more base