Longer Base Phase?!

Happy new year!

I was wondering if I can get my self ready for an Ironman 70.3 in 8 months but thats not the question of the thread :smiley: . Many training plans start six months prior, same here if I get it right. I know that it is an ambitious goal and I am not signed up for any race - I just want to start training and we will see if I make it.

At the moment I am working on my swimming technique so there is no big physical stress here. I want to focus on building a base on bike and running before starting the 6 months program (so 2 months now) and was wondering which TRAINERROAD-plan I should use until then. I was wondering if I should do the base phase for half distance triathlon twice or another one.

I would appreciate your advice :slight_smile:

I use the sweet spot base, low volume. This gives you enough recovery to still run. The key is to prevent injuries on the run. You want to be as recovered as possible before running. Look at MAF method to build your running base. No need to do any long runs (over 45 minutes) for a couple of months.

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When you have a normal base fitnes, i would recomend to do the first four weeks of the half distance tirathlon base plan and afterwards the first four weeks of the build plan.
I did this last autumn and was pretty happy with the achievement.
With the difference in the two plans you get a good variety in your training.

I will check it out :slight_smile:

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and after that I start with the base again?

Yes after that i started my base, build ,specialty cycle.

thank you very much :+1: which volume would you prefere like I said no swimming and running very light - I want to follow just the cycling plan

I think it depends on your capability to tolerate stress and the time you have.
In my 8 free weeks i used the low volume to get back to sturctured training. I have then increasd to mid volume because i want to be competitive. But i always swum and run in this time.

thank you so much!!!