App froze during ramp test


Today, during my ramp test, the app froze for 20 seconds right after hitting 19:30. No time elapsed on the screen and the power didn’t change, but I obviously dropped some power (see graph)—likely while shouting “f#$! off.”

My result is within what I would have expected (2-3% improvement), and my inclination is to just proceed with the new number instead upsetting the training plan by scheduling a new test. I guess my question is how skewed this number likely is?

EDIT: I should mention that the app froze due to no fault of TrainerRoad. My cloud backup decided to start it’s monthly data validation and budget enforcement during that time, so the computer became incredibly laggy.

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I’d contact and see what the number would be have the test NOT frozen (seems like they can interpolate), then go from there. If the difference is negligible, then maybe go with the result?

Hm. It’s a good thing that I usually record alongside trainerroad on my garmin. It turns out that that powerdrop during the freeze doesn’t show on the garmin recording, so maybe I can just take my best 1 minute power * .75 from there to compare?

I think that would work, if you use the average and *75%, but it looks like you had a partial minute at the end and I have no idea how to account for that. I know that I heard the guys talk about using that in the calculation but I don’t know that weighting.

As far as I understand it a partial minute doesn’t matter because the FTP is calculated as .75 of your best 1-minute power over the entire test. This squares with the result: my TR recorded best 1-minute power is 328 * .75 gives me the TR suggested result of 246. Looking at my critical one minute power (from the garmin recording) for the workout in GoldenCheetah, which doesn’t show the weird valley the TrainerRoad graph shows a 1 minute power of 336 * .75 for 252 FTP. Not sure which one I should go with.

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The bigger one, of course. :+1:

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I’d repeat the ramp test. But I’d also follow it up with a 20 minute test and the 2x8 minute test just to be sure!!

(Tongue firmly in cheek!!)


@AndyGajda has the answer!

@cyclhist - In all honesty, you could just use the GC number and if you start really sucking backside, then do a manual adjustment, if needed. 6 watts doesn’t seem like much but you know that can make a big difference doing VO2 work. Let us know how you fare in a few weeks!

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This happened in my first ever test in TrainerRoad. I was so mad! App (iPhone) crashed out on me about 15 minutes into the test interval.

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