Did I screw up my ramp test?

I forgot to stop pedaling and did an entire one minute segment soft pedaling and recovering before I fully stopped pedaling and allowing the app to calculate my FTP.

Did I screw up the calculation with that one low watt segment?



Hi Mark

No you didn’t screw it up. TR will take the measurement from your 1 min best power. You can continue pedalling after the test for as long as you like

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Support should be able to help you out further in FTP calculation if needed.

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No, you didn’t mess it up. See my post above as to why.

  • Your test looks fine to me in the best 1-min and the app likely reported 184w for your FTP.
  • If so, that is correct and can be used for your next round of training.
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Thanks for the info, this is very helpful! The app gave me 183, so I’m good to go.

I really appreciate the fast response!