Scheduling 6 months of Master plan training

I am scheduling 6 months of training for an event at start of July. 2 more months of base, 2 of build and 2 of specialty. I have several minor events planned during that time too. It is not clear how scheduling works. Do I need to add each of the blocks individually and over time add subsequent events? Or is there a way to define the volume and type of plan (masters) and the system will prompt me for start and end dates, as well as event dates?

Use plan builder, just fill date of your races and choose a specialty

Thx. Only remaining question is why it did not add a ramp test to the start of the plan.

If you did 10 indoor workouts you don’t need to do them anymore aiftp will estimate your ftp

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Yep, use Plan Builder. Enter known events (with correct type/level/etc), time off (if you know it, and add it as you find out), etc. A, B, C events are handled differently, so try to be honest about that - A/B will have a taper and can have leg openers scheduled automatically, C races tend to be ignored (no taper).

I usually opt to adjust each block so I can move some days around and adjust the workout length. I also select the “leg openers before races” option - that’ll give you a quick 30min workout with a few bursts of power the day before A/B races (similar to the warm-up I’d do before a 'cross or crit race).

If there’s enough data in the system, it might not prompt for a ramp, and use AI FTP instead. You can always do a manual ramp if you think the selected FTP value is wrong.


Thx when is the ftp updated? Do I need to do another ride after the date when the new ftp will be calculated, ( reason I ask is I am sick now but keen to see what my new ftp is after a month of base training)

When I set up my new plan builder it similarly did not start with a ramp test or AI detect. thought that was strange, and it kept my old FTP which was very much out of date. So I chose a standard ramp test from “workouts” and scheduled it for day #1 of plan and selected from it the AI FTP detect option. That worked out fine, but I had to self add the ramp test. I did not choose the automatic AI detect option during plan builder, b/c sometimes I do like to do a ramp test.