Switching from another training plan

Hi everyone,

I just bought my first smart trainer, but am not sure how to transition into using TrainerRoad. I’m on the 8th week of my previous (heart rate based) training program, and have been racing what I consider my “C” races for the past 5 Tuesday nights. In addition to those, my current plans has me training on Thursdays, Saturdays, and some Sundays. My “B” races start this weekend (the series opens with races on both Saturday and Sunday), and I was planning doing my FTP test the following Tuesday.

What I’m wondering is, once my FTP test is complete, which program should I do? Should I start with Build Phase, or should I go back and do Base?

Thanks in advance!

- Robby

What is your timing? Do you have a target event or season that you want to peak for this year or next?

Essentially, you may be best to restart at the TR Base program, then do Build and Specialty, if you have that much time (28 weeks total).

If you have a tighter schedule, there are several common options.

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Thanks for the link! My “A” races are in 6 weeks.

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With something that short,

  1. you might either hop into a Build if you want to pump up fitness for about 6 weeks. Then steal the 2 taper weeks from an appropriate Specialty plan.

  2. Or you can hop into a Specialty if you are happy with your overall fitness and want to “hone” for a sharper point to your goal event(s). Just drop weeks 5 & 6 from the plan (Keep the first 4 and last 2 for the taper).

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Great, thank you!

Hi, do you know if these articles are taken down? I get the “oops, You’re not authorized to access this page*” even though I’m logged in to my account.

With the release of the new ‘Plan Builder’ feature, these articles are being reworked and have been taken down to eliminate confusion.

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Yes, the old ones were pulled due to changes in the Plan Builder. TR is reworking them to contain the most up to date theories and practices, in alignment with the PB.