Advise on SST plan

Hi all

Looking for advice while I start to plan my base phase for next season. I am keen to perform 1 unstructured 3-4hr ride outside to supplement a structured TR SST plan. I can generally accommodate 10hrs a week

I see MV and HV plans are v different with HV being mainly SST and MV being a mix of threshold and V02 also.

My questions is: should I do MV and add my outdoor ride or do HV and swap in my outdoor ride?


Mid volume base plans are a bit intense (especially the second part) in order to get the same benefits of long slow distance training. You also have the option in mid and high volume to swap out the Sunday workout for a long endurance ride. You still can do the mid volume sweet spot base plan, and substitute Sunday’s workout for an endurance ride as seen in the “week tips”.

I personally would recommend a low volume plan if you enjoy endurance rides and would like to add more endurance during the week.

I would go with high volume and replace the easier weekend ride with the unstructured endurance ride.

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Ah good suggestion. Not an option I had thought of but I could try and supplement LV with 2 unstructured outdoor rides totalling about 6hrs.

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After finishing my last build plan I did a couple of weeks of SSBHV while we moved. SSBHV only contains sweet spot work and I wanted a break from higher intensity work (threshold and above) amidst the higher life stress of moving and missing a week during the actual move.

After settling at our new location I did a week or two more of SSBHV to regain the lost fitness from a complete week off of the bike, then intentionally switched to SSBMV to specifically add in threshold and VO2 work. I was a little nervous doing my first threshold and VO2 workouts after not having done any for over a month but was generally OK (not sure I could do a full three minutes of VO2, though, but SSBMV starts with 30/30s). I do + versions of the SSBMV weekend rides, though, when I have a little more time to spend on the bike.

Anyway, point being that either approach will work. If you want to keep doing threshold and VO2 work in a base plan, go with SSBMV and replace one of the weekend rides with your longer free ride. If you’re good with all sweet spot work and have the time, then go with SSBHV.

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