Masters 50+ doing HV plans?

Curious if any Masters riders are doing or have done the High Volume plans? How did it go? Did you make any changes along the way?

I am working on Sweet Spot Base and its going well. I did alter the base so its 3 weeks on: 1 week off.
Thanks in advance for sharing.

Did SSB1 HV back when I joined, happy with results including a personal best HC climb at end of week 5 (January 2017). Didn’t follow the plan exactly, for example I dropped a workout or two in week5 in prep for that climb on a Saturday. That said I appear to respond better to weeks with more zone2 and less sweet spot (vs TR’s SSB HV). In other words, 8-12 hours/week but less SS and more Zone2/Aerobic Endurance. Its like having more built-in recovery. Over the years an increasing need for recovery kinda sneaks up on ya, didn’t really notice it until trying a different base plan (starting with TR’s traditional base).


I was curious about that Sunday ride on whether it would be better to substitute a long zone 2 as a 54 year old? No problems yet but thinking ahead.

Yes. 56 and I have done SSBHV1, SSBHV2 and a fair chunk of SPBHV this season. Also happy with the results at the time, though I am taking it easier now

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Absolutely in concept. A lot depends on specifics, how many years of endurance training, outside stressors, how well you recover, nutrition, sleep, etc. I know some guys in their 60s just tearing it up.


Volume-wise, yes. Plan-wise, I use TR HV plans as a general guide and follow base>build>specialty, but heavily modify things while trying to follow TSS and zone target goals. I typically follow the weekday workouts reasonable close, particularly the Tue/Thurs sessions. Weekends are very flexible, but always with a 5-6 hour Saturday ride. With covid this year, I added in a lot more Z2 during base with 5+ hour Friday rides and I’m still trying to figure out whether that’s paying off.

I’ve been running over 100 TSS daily average since May and I’m feeling really strong and not that fatigued, but I have not seen a big jump in FTP. I’m on track to do more volume this year than ever and I feel like I’m recovering well and not digging any holes. Actually I’m wondering if I’m not doing enough intensity because I’m not experiencing the usual “edgy” fatigued feeling I usually get during build.


Do any of you do gym leg work as well?


SSBHV (in 2018 winter) - was fine - SPBHV - was really tough and I got ill 3 weeks in - I can take the volume but not the intensity - did a hybrid MV last winter which worked just as well…this spring I did just 15 - 20 hours of zone 2/week during lockdown - that worked as well…but it is diminishing returns - HV took my FTP from 236W to 279W - MV took it from 280 - 298W …god knows what it is at present but I am TT ing pretty well :grinning: I’m 52 - also yes to gym work - Hex bar deadlift, goblet squats, leg press…when the gym was open…not at present!

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