SSB Mid Vol 2- Tuesday 13th Nov

Hi all

Just wondering if this is an idea. I’m going to move to this plan on this date. Anyone else got it scheduled?

I will be following the recommended schedule - off Monday and Friday. This could be a thread to come back to as we hit and hopefully conquer the same workouts each day!!

I am in the final week now of mid vol 1. Started it with FTP of 234. Found it very difficult in week 5 but held it together so hoping for an increase in the next ramp test. Just because it’s a nice round figure I’d love to hit 250. Wondering what the VO2 max workouts will be like… nervous anticipation.

I’m starting on that day, but will probably need some tweaking on some workouts, because of work issues.

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Just bumping this up the listings as the date approaches. Anyone else starting this plan next week?

Be great to share he experience… starting with ramp test.

Who is finishing one plan to move to this one and if yes, which plan have you just done?

I’ll be a week behind you. I had a cold around week 3 but otherwise I’m feeling good about SSB mid 1.

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I will be starting it that same day but will typically modify for a longer ride on the weekends. Just finishing SS LV II tomorrow. I modified that plan by adding in a long ride on Sunday’s, a Wednesday endurance ride, and adding half an hour of endurance riding to each of the days in the plan.

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I’ll be doing the ramp test today and starting SSB High vol II tomorrow so will be one day ahead of you. Would be nice to share experiences and give you a heads up. Didn’t do SSB I as I was still riding outdoors a lot so hoping I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew.

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I did a ramp test yesterday, so I’m currently a day early on this. My FTP is now 112W (at the start of SSB MV1 it was 105W), so will be interesting to see how the coming sessions go with the new FTP.

How is everyone getting on? Did my ramp today and my ftp is up 5% after SSB 1 mid volume even after 10 days off the bike, so I’m feeling good.