Adding strength training every week for 8 weeks - calendar

Hello wonderful TR people,

Starting a new base/build/specialty for HIM mid volume (April 2019). I would like to add strength training every Tuesdays/Thursdays but I can only add one by one.
Am I missing something? How could I add that training in my schedule for the entire base (8 weeks) without entering 16 times that training?

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There is an easier way to do this if you are putting the same thing in for each day! All you have to do is duplicate the workout and drag and drop them to they days you want. Here’s how:

  1. Manually input your first strength training entry into your calendar
  2. Hover over the workout in your calendar
  3. Click “Duplicate”
  4. Drag and drop the workout to the next strength training day.
  5. Continue this until all of your strength training is added to your plan!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to put in a workout for every Tuesday and Thursday in one go at the moment but this won’t take much time at all. :slight_smile:

Yes this is exactly what I do

@Ian - I’ve just tried this (on my PC using Chrome), but the drag/drop duplicate functionality doesn’t seem to be working. I can click on the “Duplicate” option (which opens a “Duplicating Workout” popup), but can’t drag/drop. After selecting “Duplicate” and dragging/dropping to another day it just moves the workout.

Or were you referring to opening the “Duplicating Workout” popup, then using the date “Select” option?

I have Stretching and Core / Strength workouts that I do most days in addition to my TR workouts which I have added “on block” by doing the following

  1. Go to a blank week at the end of the training plan and add the Strength / Core and Stretch workouts to the days of the week I want to do them which creates a kind of template.
  2. When complete, copy that week and add it to whichever week in the plan you want to do your extra exercises.
  3. Repeat as needed for other weeks.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


I like that idea thanks jonny

I just tried this on PC/Chrome combo, and worked fine for me.

I did it so, thst I duplicated a completed gym workout, made necessary changes (unchecked the workout comletion mark, nothing else), saved, and then moved the newly created workout to the desired day using drag and drop. There were no probs for me.

Edit: Just a thought, but could there be some Chrome addon on your browser, which could cause thedrag and drop not to work properly for you.

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Thanks for testing it @janneseppala - I think I misunderstood @Ian. From his post I thought you could drag and drop directly from the “Duplicate” option straight to another day, which would duplicate the workout without seeing the “Duplicating Workout” popup. This would be cool functionality btw :slight_smile: