Adding race after plan is done

Currently on a training plan that ends at a stage race on May 5-7.
On the 27th and 28th, I’m doing a 24hr MTB race on a team of 4.
Question is, is there any point in changing my current plan. Or should I just complete it and make a new 3 week plan for the next one. Or would it be best just to use the train now feature.
I guess I’m asking, what’s the best way to maintain my fitness for those 3 weeks?

Assuming that the stage race is your A race that you want to truly be peaked for, I’d just do the last three weeks of whatever specialty plan makes the most sense for your MTB race. So probably the MTB marathon plan. Or adding the MTB race to your calendar and using plan builder for a 3-week plan would also work just fine.

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Oh. But you probably also should do a recovery week after the stage race.
So: Week 1, recover. Week 2, train. Week 3, Taper again.

Plan builder will probably do this just right for you.

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Ok, so week off, week train, week taper. Sounds like a plan. Thank you!