Long race 3 weeks before my A race ( a 100K MTB race)

My next A race is a 100K ultra MTB race. I’m following a sustained power plan.

Exactly 3 weeks prior to my A race there is a local 6 hour MTB race that I’ve done in the past (though I’ve only done the 3 hour version). I plan to do the 6 hour race to check my fitness, test my nutrition strategy, etc. I’m not terribly worried about results. I added it to Plan Builder as a B race expecting it to provide a recovery type week afterward since I have an A race 3 weeks later, but it did not.

My question is - should I build a recovery week in myself? Is Plan Builder right and I should just keep on training even after putting 6 hard hours into my legs?

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


A few years back I rode the Laramie Enduro (6 hr MTB race) two weeks before Leadville. I used the 2 weeks in between as a taper period.

What is plan builder suggesting as a taper period before your A race? Can you train through your B race (have this race replace training TSS so it’s not additive on top of training load) up to when your taper begins?

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Four B races plan builder only swaps out the day’s workout for the race. If you choose an opener for B races then it swaps out the day before as well. Plan builder does not consider any additional changes to your schedule regarding B races. Plan builder doesn’t know if you’ve just done a six hour race or a hour and a half trainerroad workout, so you will have to adjust the training/recovery accordingly.

Nah. I think you’ll be ok. Just make sure you pay attention to nutrition right after the race. You’ve got two full days before your next workout…and I’d call Baxter -2 a recovery workout. So really 4 days before your next serious workout. Should be ok.

Yeah I put Baxter there as a recovery ride. I figured my legs might still be a little tired.

@DaveWh interesting idea. You are saying lower TSS over the next 2 weeks before hitting the taper week. I’ll look at doing that.

Thanks for the info @MI-XC.