Adding a run race to plan builder

Anyone have success putting a run only event into plan builder by selecting “triathlon” and leaving the bike and swim portions as close to zero as possible?

So for a marathon select a low volume full tri plan. on plan builder, enter the 26.2 data, but leave swim/bike distance and time at like .01 (cause you have to enter a value)

Seems like it works but how would it effect the prescribed workouts leading up?

As far as I understand it plan builder isnt set up for anything that isnt a triathlon in the multisport world. I would imagine that you are just going to get a full tri plan. When you enter a value in the boxes when setting up a race it just gives you an estimated TSS for the event, thats what its really after.

Are you looking for a run training plan, or just for the plan to accommodate a taper into your marathon?