Full Triathlon Plan Builder Question

Hi there,

Setting up the new Plan Builder for Full distance triathlons.

I like how in the set up process we can move workouts around before the plan is populated.

However it wants me doing 4 swims a week.

Is there anyway to DELETE one swim, so that it’s just 3 swims a week?


There is, but I suspect it’s not the answer you want:

Add the plan, then delete the swim you think is least beneficial

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Haha. Yeah I leaning to that.

Ok thanks!

I don’t know why they can’t put in an option to delete either a run or a swim. I am not going to run four times a week, but I can’t delete one of the runs. Seems like an easy fix to make.

I’d like to delete all run and swim sessions from the triathlon plans but it seems the only way to do this is delete each individual session.