How do you input Duathlon Races in Plan Builder?

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I’m planning the 2021 season, and I’d like to begin the year with some Duathlons, given that there aren’t many Triathlon in spring time. Given the useful tool that Plan Builder is, I’m trying to register some of these Duathlons as B or C races, but I have doubts regarding how to do it.

Should I select Off-Road Triathlon and have 0 in swim distance (00:00:01 as swim time) and then allocate the cycling and (combined) running time? I don’t know if there is an easier way than that. The issue I’m finding with this method is that it is suggesting me Olympic plans when some of the Duathlons are longish. For example, Powerman middle-distance, which is 10K - 60K - 10K.

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Anyone has an idea for this issue?

I do standard distance Duathlons so select Olympic distance triathlon and input 0 or 1 for the swim and calculate combined running time alongside ride time.
Only way I’ve found that will work

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Hey! Apologies for the delayed input, I wanted to check in with the team to make sure we gave the best recommendation!

What you have suggested does make sense, however, the issue of not having long enough workouts has to do with the fact that the full plan is based on peaking for your goal event. If the long-distance event is not an A event, then we won’t prescribe the longer workouts.
One option to mitigate this is to specify the Half Distance for an A event if you’re concerned about the distance, but we think Olympic distance would still be the way to go for the distance you’ve described. :+1:

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Thank you both for your input!

I guess what I was doing was the way to go, but having the confirmation from the TR team makes it reassuring. I will simulate some plans in the Plan Builder changing distances and even priorities (A, B, C) to see what the tool suggests.

Anyways, I hope that in the future it is possible to have Duathlon as a race type, instead of having a Triathlon with 1 meter of swimming. :grinning: :grinning:

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I’ll nudge the team again for Duathlon specific plans as a Feature Request! Cheers!

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