Adding races to plan builder calendar

As I do other events besides triathlons and cycling I would love to see a feature to add other events such as running and swimming events to the plan builder. I am not necessarily looking for a training plan but to have the plans that are available that are currently available work around the other events we have planned on our race calendar.

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I just created a triathlon event with the swimming and cycling parts at zero TSS.

Oh smart idea! Thanks for the share!!

Sadly, we do not currently have a way to add swimming or running events into the Calendar as official “Events,” however, this is something that we are looking to develop in the future. In the meantime, your best option will be to add these events as “Other Workouts”, noting that they are a race in the event title.

If you prefer to retain the “race” designation, @mcalista’s approach is also a great option :+1:.