Adding a plan but making it shorter

Hey Everyone-

Trying to plan out my training plan for my A event. And I have about a 4 week gap that I want to fill with a little more base work. But when I add a base training plan to my calendar (12 week plan) but put the end date within in 4 week time frame. It seems to stack all the workouts (12 weeks worth of workouts) into 4 weeks rather than just shorting the plan. Is there a good way to do this other than copying and pasting each individual workout?

The calendar lets you push/pull/clear weeks, so manipulate the calendar and not the plan. Basically, add the whole plan as normal then clear the weeks you don’t want.

If adding the whole plan overlaps some later workouts, push everything 8 weeks, insert the plan, clear the 8 weeks of it you aren’t going to do, then pull everything back into place.

Another option, cherry pick weeks to accelerate the plan a bit, if you are comfortable with larger TSS jumps per week.

Base plans are 6 week plans (x2 for a full base set), so not sure how adding a base plan gets you 12 weeks. Here’s an example of how to cherry pick.

  • Make room in the calendar as jgthomas59 described (push so you have 6 weeks for the plan).
  • Add the plan you chose (say SSB MV 2).
  • Use the … menu on the right of the week to clear weeks 3 and 5. (Or other weeks that you choose.)
  • Use the … menu to pull weeks after the weeks you cleared to close the gaps.

Or copy weeks from a base plan already in your calendar (… menu again).

When choosing weeks to keep, think about TSS jump from week to week. I wouldn’t recommend 1, 4, 5, 6 because going from week 1 to 4 makes a large TSS jump.

Adjust the last week to have a couple of lighter days, possibly a lighter week depending on the event so you go into it rested. You may want to look the taper week or weeks in an appropriate specialty plan and riff on that.

Thanks everyone that was incredible helpful. I’m following the Full Distance Base Tri plan which is a full 12 weeks rather than the standard 6 weeks.

Thanks again!

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