Help me reschedule please

Dear all, I will highly appreciate any insight or opinion as to what should I do with a trip that has come up, which will force to reschedule my plan.

The whole week of April 6 I won’t be able to do any ride, and the ideal scenario would be to match this week with a rest week, right? I’m in the middle of a block of 5 “hard” weeks and 1 rest week in base period.

If such is the case, what should I do? I see two options:

  1. Repeat two times the last week of base to match it (that would be 6 weeks straight without rest week); or

  2. Insert a rest week in the middle of my base block (for example in my 10th week). This second option would be 3 hard weeks, one rest week, 3 hard weeks and the trip/rest week.

Thanks in advance

As outlined in the post above, we recommend leaving the plan as-is in the case of a week-long training interruption. The only adjustments you’ll need to make is reducing the difficulty of the workouts that take place when you get back.

In your case, this does give you two “rest” weeks with only one week in between, but what really matters is that you keep consistent upon returning to training. As long as you keep the train rolling when you get back, one week off the bike will not have a major impact on your progress.

Now, if you are feeling really rested towards the end of your Week 12 rest week, there is one option that will reduce the total amount of recovery rides during this period of time. The adjustment is pretty simple, and requires you to:

  1. Replace Andrews with the Ramp Test
  2. Drag Bashful +1 to the 30th

This allows you to compelete one of the workouts you’ll miss on the week before, so effectively you are only missing two interval workouts :+1:

I hope this helps!


Great! thanks a lot for all the information. I really appreciate it.