Set rest days to x when adding a plan

I’m not the strongest rider and I often need two days rest between a hard effort. Currently when I add a training plan it assumes a minimum of three sessions per week but I need roughly two sessions per week until my fitness increases, assuming it does :crossed_fingers:t4:. Would it be possible to create an affordance for say…

  1. Add training plan to calendar
  2. Choose 2 rest days between sessions
  3. Have the UI place all the sessions two days apart until x sessions are placed

Currently I have to manually move every single session after adding a training plan in order to space them two days apart. Perhaps I’ve missed something that’s already in the UI or the idea is not viable due to some weekly TSS total requirements for a plan? Maybe I’m missing a corner case. :man_shrugging:t4:

Love the calendar and Coach Chad’s text during the sessions is :+1:. Thanks for the top quality app building. The user experience is the best I’ve seen on any sports related software. IMO


I don’t believe there is currently a way to do this aside from manually making the adjustments.
Perhaps a solution would be to still do 3 days a week (assuming that the limiter is recovery and not time constraints) but instead choose a time crunch plan in order to lower the weekly tss to something that you can more easily recover from. I think completing a full 8-week block should help facilitate getting on a low volume base, build and specialty.

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If I’ve understood you correctly then what you’d essentially be doing is extending the length of the entire plan by keeping the number of workouts the same but spacing them out more.

If you don’t feel like you’re strong enough, then I’m not sure that extending the length of the training plan is a good idea, you’ll want that rest week just as soon as someone doing 3 workouts a week.

So if I were you I’d either

  • maintain the length of the plan and just remove individual workouts

  • do the -1 option of the workouts wherever possible and maintain 3 workouts a week

  • swap one of the workouts for a recovery ride and maintain 3 workouts a week