Adaptive Training and Plan Recalculation inconsistency

I’m in the middle of Sustained Power Build - Mid Volume and I’ve noticed a little inconsistency in how the workouts are assigned when you schedule Time Off and ask to recalculate the plan. It happened twice to me already so I’m pretty sure there is an issue.

I finished my VO2Max session on Tuesday and got adaptations, after applying my Thursday VO2Max got bumped up to level 7.7. After that, I decided to schedule 4 days of Time Off since I was planning to go skiing. Strangely all that happened was the three workouts disappeared and everything else seemed to remain intact. My plans didn’t work out so I deleted the Time Off event and asked to recalculate my plan once again. After this second recalculation, the plan got reverted back to the state from before my Tuesday adaptations with the Thursday VO2Max at 7.3.

Now I’m wondering if I should just follow what I have on my calendar or maybe try to go for some more challenging alternatives. The bottom line is that it seems like AT and plan recalculation may give inconsistent results based on the sequence of clicking through the UI and some factors other than how your previous sessions went.

Is there a proper way to recalculate plan or should I just delete it and start all over again?

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