Adjusting Plan for Race disrupting current plan

Hi all,

I’ve recently received a date for the race i want to set as my A race and main goal.

However, i’m currently already deep into my plan at the moment and about to go onto my first Build Phase the week after next (next week rest week). When i set the plan to recalculate based on my new A race it’s rescheduling everything and starts back on sweetspot base and ignores my upcoming rest week?

Am i doing something wrong here? i cant seem to figure out what it is if so!

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Set your planned start date back when you actually started you current plan. That will effectively bypass and get most of what you want.

Also, playing with that precise start date up or down a week can lead to subtle differences that are worth trying if you don’t love the planned layout shown in the preview.

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As a workaround you may want to finish your recovery week then add your “A” event to recalibrate your training plan. Sometimes AT doesn’t get it exactly right. This could fix some issues with everything lining up properly.


Many thanks both for the replies, looks like the best option is to wait to put it into the calendar till the end of the recovery week.

Thanks again

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