Weird behavior of Adaptive Training

I had a workout scheduled for today, but I decided to delete it from my calendar since I did a few hard efforts this week.

After I deleted the workout, there were “adaptations pending”. I reviewed them, and basically it boils down to the TSS of the next 10 or so workouts being decreased. Why would deleting a workout from my plan result in the next few workouts being less intense?

Then I decided to add the exact same workout back to Today’s schedule, but the rest of the plan did not revert back to what it was before I had deleted said workout. This confuses me. Any insight?

Why did you delete the workout in the first place? I believe that the recommended way it to simply skip the workout but leave it in the calendar.


Ah ok, I didn’t know that. I felt like I needed a rest day.

Any thoughts on why the AT behaves as I describes above?

Because it is decreasing the future workouts to try and bridge the progression from your last successful one to your next one (of the same zone).

As soon as you complete your next workout, or if you’d completed the one you re-added to your plan, the plan would adapt back to the correct Level