Changing off days in existing plan problems

On another post i saw to scroll up and click on the phase im currently in which is ‘build’ for me because i needed to change my off days on mid vol custom plan to thurs and sunday from monday and friday. I did it and now starting next week i have 3 vo2max workouts on 3 consecutive days. Is there anyway to see the plan before i edited it. Maybe reinstate it. Im sure this wasnt the case before. Does anyone else have this kind of intensity so tightly packed together? My previous build weeks before the rest week im currently on was off, vo2, endurance, threshold, off, vo2, sweet spot. I feel like ive really screwed myself here.

Sounds like something got corrupted in the plan. I’d open a ticket. They can often rebuild the plan for you.


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@Liammerrick in addition to contacting support like @Pbase recommended, you can also delete your plan and recreate it. Whether you just added the build plan or used Plan Builder, you can select the same start date in the past and it will adapt based on work already performed.

I had something similar happen but, in my case, AI FTP updated my FTP but did not adjust future workouts. Deleting my plan and adding it back (post dated) fixed the issues. Best of luck!

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