Adaptations to LV plan

Hi Team,

Not too concerned but thought it is strange.
When I built my plan last month I put 2 days of “days off” for Feb 28 and March 1 as I’ll be doing a 1600km drive. For context my LV plan consists of Tuesday/thursday/Saturday sessions. I’ve since thought I’ll get up early and ride on March 1 as it would have been a scheduled training day however after deleting the “day off” AT hasn’t made any changes and I’m now left with a 4 day break.

Im thinking to just wait till the day and do a train now ‘outside’ and hope it sort of lines up with the intention for the week. When reading the week 11 notes it mentions a session with 3 min vo2 max intervals so was thinking to find something similar and do that.

If it doesn’t sort out I’ll just go for a ride, necessary to loosen up when doing a 16hr drive over 2 days.

Thanks everyone.
Happy training,

wow that’s a long ride.

it’s more of a support issue but your solution works of course. it may be that you’re switching plans in between (i.e. going base to build) where AT is only updating the current plan. so the issue may solve itself soon.

there’s a ‘update plan’ button in the annotation for your plan/phase, you could try clicking that and see if the workout comes back.


Thanks for the quick reply mate.
I’d love to do the ride one day. It’s from the Pilbara to Perth. Its on the bucket list for sure. I’ve tried that but Im thinking also it may work itself out with time. Have a great day.