High Volume Plan - But Only Doing 1 Hour or Less Sessions

Hey everyone, I’m curious if anyone does this already or can give me some insight into this.

Basically, I am able to train 5-7 days a week & want to do the high volume plan, but I don’t have the time to do 2 hour sessions with kids, work, etc. Has anyone had any success substituting their hard 2 hour workouts with 1 hour ones? Do you / should I up the difficulty to compensate for the amount of work?

You’re not doing the HV plan if you’re only doing 1-hour workouts. You’re better off doing the LV plan and adding time when you can.


Is your total time availability 5-7hours a week?

That doesn’t seem High Volume by TR or any sense I don’t think. I suspect you’d be much better off sticking with MV and adding endurance workouts on the additional days.

You could try adding the HV plan with Plan Builder and then each day prior to your workout, use the Alternates feature to select a comparable 1 hour workout. You’re not going to get the actual volume of HV, but you’ll have the same workout distribution, which it sounds like is what you’re after.

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Thanks for the replies guys. @SlowMobius You’re correct, I’m not looking for the actual volume. I get long saddle days outside on the weekends weather permitting. I’m looking to just get the most bang for my buck in the 1 hour session I do have available on the trainer. I like the near daily structure HV gives me, but as @dennenj points out maybe LV and just adding in hour sessions is the way to go?

I think it comes down to either LV Plan and adding in workouts, or HV and often shortening the long rides.

Any ideas if adaptive training would be more efficient with one way or the other?

If you’re taking a high volume workout and shortening it you may end up with a workout that’s easier than what a LV or MV plan would’ve given you (ie, MV has over unders, HV doesn’t as far as I’m aware).

In your position I’d just do either LV or MV and do a trainnow workout if there’s an extra day(s) you want to fill.

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Yes, I would do the following for a normal base season

Monday : Rest
Tuesday: Threshold, at least 30m of FTP work, and extend it to 60m
Wednesday: LT1
Thursday: LT1
Friday: Sweet Spot
Saturday: LT1
Sunday: Tempo.

You should be good with this for a while. During build add vo2max.

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