LV Build T,W,Th + 2 Weekend Rides

Has anybody had success doing a LV Build plan on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, then doing long, unstructured (probably hard, mostly mountain bike) rides on Saturday and Sunday? I’ve seen some similar threads but they all seem to be about LV Base on M, W, F with a single group ride on the weekend. I’m concerned about riding 4 days in a row (Fri-Mon) being too intense and failing the Monday workouts, hence thinking about T, W, Th.

I’ve been doing the Mid Volume plans all winter but with the good weather lately, I’ve been riding outside on the weekends (unstructured). I’m riding my mountain bike 3-4 hours on Saturday and 2-3 hours on Sunday. I could stick with this but it pushes the weekly TSS up and I’m probably missing the specificity of the hard Mid Volume Saturday rides. I am thinking the specificity is accounted for in the Low Volume plans but am not sure. By doing the LV plan plus the weekend rides, I think I can end up with a TSS in line with the MV plan.

I’ve tried the outdoor workouts but frankly, I get distracted and forget I’m in the middle of an interval.

As far as my goals, they’re on hold until Fall so I’m OK experimenting now.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

You could always try it and see what happens. That’s the only good thing about having no goal events planned in the near future.

Personally, I’d need a day off before the 3rd LV workout of the week (if done back to back). My body can handle the first 2 days but that 3rd long workout does me in without a day of rest.
The LV plans are quite intense.

I figure that if my legs are broken after hitting the trails on the weekend, It’s best to blow up during a workout on Mon. I can always bail if my legs are shot and shift the workout to Tuesday.
Mon, Wed and Fri LV plans then end up being Tue, Wed and Fri LV plans.

I’m pretty sure @Jonathan was doing the MV plans on back to back weekdays and keeping his weekends free for outdoor rides and family. He can probably give you some insight into stacking workouts into a block longer term?

Thanks @Rosscopeco. It sounds like I’m on the right track. I remember hearing @Jonathan had done MV as a midweek plan but I don’t know how he scheduled it. I adjusted my calendar today and am going to give it a try.

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I do low volume Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I move the hardest workout of the week to Tuesday. Then usually the VO2 or whatever is next hardest to Thursday with whatever is left on Friday. This has been working well for me recently. The easy day before the double helps. I’ll do 1-1.5 endurance rides on all the other days and will go rip it on Sundays at the trail.