A Heartfelt Thank You From Amber

Thank you very much for your guidance advance and inspiration you gave to me and other tr users. You will be missed. I really appreciated your body positive approach and positive attitude.
Best of luck for you and your family in the future.


So @ambermalika - what is next? Or is it top secret?


Wow, just kinda cruising around and found this…was kinda wondering what was up lately. Gonna miss you on the podcasts, I hope in the future you return :slight_smile:


Bugger! Just seen this. In recent weeks I have been tuning in, hoping to see that beaming smile return to the podcast along with the wisdom you bring!

You really are a great communicator and all the ‘Amberisms’ will long stay with me!

Among your highlights for me were your career retrospective with Jonathon, incredibly powerful and thank you so much for sharing. Another was your in depth explanation of how to analyze research papers, not something I intend to try btw, just found it interesting!

You will be sorely missed but at least we can re-visit your back catalogue appearances!

Thanks for everything and very best wishes in your future endeavours.


No way!
Well it is what it is.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful comments and the huge contribution you had and have on my cycling and fitness.

I wish you all the best and will follow along.

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Don’t diet on the bike! (say that in my head all the time, when I’m trying to cut weight before race season)

You will be missed, best wishes in your next chapter, and enjoy that mom time

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Best of luck for the future! You will be missed! Hope to see you back as a guest on the podcast every once in a while! :slight_smile:

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Best of luck Amber. Thanks for all the input and enlightenment over the years! :raised_hands:


Thank you very much for sharing your story and knowledge.

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Never diet on the bike!

@ambermalika, you are a lady, a leader, a teacher, a great communicator, a class act, and an asset to any team on which you participate. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me, for always trying your best to teach and to serve, and for being an example of what elegant, thoughtful, knowledgeable participation looks like in any conversation.

Best of luck in whatever else you do! I am going to miss you.


TBH Pretty surprised it wasn’t announced that way with how much we all adore her. Best of luck Amber, you’ll certainly be missed.


Yea, I’ve been expecting a farewell episode. But I haven’t heard anything about Ambers departure on the podcast. That’s a bummer, for sure.


“All your @&$$&!ing weight on the outside pedal!!” Wisdom like that doesn’t get any better - heartfelt, hard learned, to the point and incredibly useful. You are a gifted individual, Amber, and we who listened were rewarded amply by your lessons. Good bye, good luck and THANK YOU!!!


If anyone wants to hear another Amber interview, she was on the Faster Forward podcast, and I really found it insightful (as she always is).


I was wondering the same. I have heard nothing about Amber departing on the podcast which seemed really odd, (but I could have missed it). Did I miss it?


Updated audio since the link above doesn’t work

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I don’t think you missed it. It’s been radio silence on the podcast. Strange.


Ummm, so out of character of the rest of the crew… :frowning:
I have deliberately chosen to stop there.

Edit: in light of Amber’s subsequent posts, Phew and great to hear that Amber. :+1:


Yes. Folks should probably read between the lines here, wish Amber well, and leave it at that.


I’ll definitely drop in from time to time! And for sure will keep riding. I’m a lifer. :wink: