A big thanks to the TR team

It’s the last day of work for me this year and I also finished my TR build plan this morning. I’m pumped and so excited to have a few days off to just enjoy my bike (summer here) and not think about dedicated training until my Ramp Test on the 31, ready for the next plan in 2019.

I wanted to thank the TR team not only the three podcast legends but the people behind the scenes. Special thanks to the always responsive and helpful support team. At the beginning of my training this year I think I talked to them more than my wife.

Also to the TR community, first time ever I have used a forum where everyone is accepting and helpful.

Have a great holiday break everyone, be safe.


Hey Mike,

Thanks SO MUCH for the kind words! :hugs:
It’s great to hear you’ve finished your Build plan and you’re getting ready for a successful summer season along with a Specialty plan in 2019.

We’re so grateful for you and all of our users, and couldn’t be happier with what an inclusive community this forum has become. Hopefully you’re all set up now, but our Support team is always here, anytime you need to talk! :wink:

Cheers, and best of luck for the new year.


Totally agree. Thanks to all Trainerroad team for all they do. I will be doing my annual pre Christmas 50 miler as my last ride of 2019, it is not summer :smile: