Just a thank you to Trainerroad

Hey, i just want to thank TR publicly for the gains a have made in only 6 weeks of Sweet spot base mid volume 1. It works better than i expected and was able to finsih it just in time before my body needed 5 days of rest…icluding having few days off, after 3 weeks, due to fewer…
Now i ride outside stronger than ever., earning bragging rights left and right…and next winter i will dedicade 12 weeks.
Will never look anywhere else for coldest, freezing months!
THANK YOU :slight_smile:


Boom and congrats. Keep it up and amazing job. Love TR as well and all it represents.

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Thanks for the shoutout, and keep up the awesome work :slight_smile:
We love to hear feedback like this!

It’s worth mentioning that we have support for Outside Workouts now if you’d like to keep the gains coming :fire:. You can learn more about this feature here:


I still ride and do some interval rides oudoor here and there (does that makes me more pro, huh?)… feels great, although i know i don’t improve (rather stagnate) at a rate i was improoving with that incredible TR plan… and if that is a rookie mistake; should i just go back in pain cave and never come out? Thank you, but no, thank you.

Might not win any other but Silly olympics that way, i know…

Thank you, i saw that…but i find it very hard to do well tempered intervals of all lenghts outside properly:TR and ERG mode seems like optimal combo for that…but it is time for some fun on the bike :slight_smile:

Well, no need to patronise with offending claims like “rookie mistake”, on a simple, honest and positive “Thank you TR” post, where no questions were asked, where nobody searched for advices and expected none…especially patronising ones.
That could have been written in much more polite way… or better, in a new post about what you think basic rookie mistakes are, not referring to anyone in particular, and i might be one of the most grateful readers. Silly isn’t it, getting advices without looking for some, from a complete stranger? Sorry, if all you wanted was, to give an advice, to never get out of pain cave, but was not accepted…
I knew what you wrote before you wrote. I just can’t keep on suffering indoor, while nature calls out, with its full beauty, although for the price of diminishing powers. I adore to “derail”(??) with riding single trails and lonely mountain roads of our country so much, it made me start indoor training during coldest months in the first place. I really had to write this, for you sir, to understand the cause of my butthurt response? And pardon my nonnative grammar mistakes.
Happy rides, runs and swims, in or outdoor.

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Enjoy the outside, dude. You can always try to carry over some knowledge from the indoor training to how you ride outdoors :slight_smile:

I second or third or whatever continuing to do some structured training outside. I’m betting you’ll be happier next winter when you’ve reached another tier and can start your 12 week block from a higher spot then regressing all summer and starting over again.

I absolutely feel you on the “I don’t want to be stuck in the pain cave all year, the gains are amazing…but it kinda sucks the joy out of cycling” aspect too.

I still use trainerroad all the time, but I’ve only done two inside workouts in the past 6 weeks or so. It’s so easy to have the workouts in your plan, have it pushed to your device and load up the intervals and go for a ride. Not only that, but you can start/stop/pause them at any time while the ride keeps recording. I’ll start the ride and cruise through traffic until at the bottom of my local more wide open climbs, then pick it up at the first hard interval and do the reps and cruise home. Easy (the process…the work is still hardAF)…and super rewarding vs. going out and riding around moderately hard everywhere.

The other thing you can do is use the structure as a rough guide for outside workouts. Say your training plan prescribes a sweet spot workout that’s like 4x12 at 90-94% FTP. Well…go out on your typical 2-3hr ride, but make it a point to spend all the sustained climbs at 90-94% FTP so you end up with around 48mins at sweet spot. Spend the rest of the time enjoying the scenery and being outside. You can still tax the right system to a degree that fatigues and rebuilds you to create further gains…without following a number on the screen for the entirety of your ride. Or say it prescribes 5x6mins at 105%, well…try to spend a broken 30mins at 105% FTP in your 1.5hr ride.

Good luck


This is great read, it gave me a lot to think. I don’t mind doing intervals on my local climb(seldom), which looks like 6x8min at cca 110% of ftp, with 3min pauses and 10min pause between interval 3 and 4. But this kind of interval on a 10% grade climb is almost impossible to monitor on small display of my Garmin520, so proper tempering is a challenge by itself. Than there is second climb, also 10%,that takes me about 18min and could use it as something like 95% of ftp interval, to do 2 of them. I dread those…Doing uninterrupted intervals on flat is almost impossible where i live. Sooo, workouts from TR could be transferred to Garmin520…never crossed my mind, burp… Looking forward to try that. Loosing power with riding in a grey zone is something i thrive in and try to avoid it, but not for the sake of rides with friends, as that is so special and rare in our “busy adult” loves… Fall is time of year, when i normally set my year’s pb’s…Doing intervals from week to week really is a matter of strong will…on the other hand, which amazes me the most about TR programme i’ve done…it does not deplete me for 2-3 days (like majority outdoor “pissing contest” rides with friends or solo do) and the thought, i am about ready to be able to do next workout next day is so nice…all rewarded with higher powers, than anything else? Guess, since it is so hard to do…doing few random fast climbs(if), ranging from 3 to 25 min’s, must be less “adapting” than these ERG intervals at highest long term sustainable powers…i know that.

Thank you Timon for the time you took, to write your thoughts of motivation with practical ways of doing it, to keep pushing pedals hard and smart - to be faster, which i am in for! Will try to learn something from you and i think this winter’s TR might have made me a bit more resilliant to weeks of pure dedication, before next level powers come to play with.

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