A Heartfelt Thank You From Amber

Love to hear it!

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Figuring it out! Nothing secret, just nothing concrete yet. I promise to keep y’all posted!


Ok I’m over here in tears (the best kind of tears!) reading all of your replies in this thread. ALL THE FEELS AND WARM FUZZIES I AM DYING! Thank you all so much for taking the time to post here. I am overwhelmed in the best way.

I also want to share that when I decided to leave TR, I had nothing but complete support from everyone in the company. Zero weirdness - nothing but love. I’m not opposed to the occasional podcast appearance in the future, of course, but keep in mind that a lot goes into the planning and production (shoutout to producer @MaxinePhilavong for her incredible magic week after week). Scheduling can fill up months in advance, and the podcast was already dialed for the two weeks I worked notice. Nothing afoot I can assure you!


Maybe we need to ask for some anniversary celebration Podcasters Assemble! episodes. Like whatever date TrainerRoad went live?

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Wow, you will be missed! Sorry to see you go!

You inspire and comfort, thank you for sharing your journey.

I’m super happy to hear this. Also, assuming you continue to do something outward-facing and cycling-related, where can we follow you? Your website? Instagram? Twitter (assuming it still exists in a few months’ time)?


All of her links are in the OP

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Oh no! The podcasts with you were my favorite and I will miss you! I hope you will let us know what you are up to next. Best wishes! - Lynda