Thank you, TrainerRoad

At the end of March I was asked to do a one day 175 mile charity ride, North to South Wales, on the 22nd of June. With just two months to train from zero cycling to the big day I luckily I opted to subscribe to your program and used your base and build phase to prepare.
I hadn’t realised how little I knew about cycling, and the coaching I personally found superb. I did the ride with old friends who cycle regularly and we would do one ride a week outside and was amazed at how quickly I improved. The ride, as a result of your training was a pleasure, and perfect weather also assisted.
I am now hooked on your system and would like to thank you for a brilliant product which has taken and lot of thought and knowledge on your part to produce.
Best wishes Derek.


Well done on your ride and good luck with your training going forward.

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Congratulations on the training and the successful ride.

While a lot of riders use TR to be faster in races, this is a really great example of how TR just opens up a world of cycling to so many people. With some structured training, rides that may have been unfathomable become accessible. When that happens, all kinds of other possibilities open up.

While we often get lost in the details, kudos to @Nate_Pearson, @chad, @Jonathan and the whole TR team for creating a platform that is opening up cycling possibilities to so many people.