Incorporating Zwift Racing League and other Events into adaptive plans

New to trainer road. I’m trying to build an adaptive plan and know that I’ll be doing the new season of the racing league. Is there a way to incorporate recurring events without having to go through the whole plan builder process each time?
I also realize based on some of the podcast conversations that a person can’t really “peak” more than once. This is the whole concept of building plans in cycles and preparing for specific events in your calendar.
To some degree I would like to “replace” workouts on those race days somehow and not throw a wrench into the software.
I appreciate the help in advance. Maybe it’s just me with figuring out the platform but it’s not immediately obvious.

  • If you already have a Plan Builder based plan assigned on your calendar, you should be able to add an event (including a recurring one) to the calendar, which should trigger the Plan Builder to interpret the changes you made.

These can be useful if you haven’t seen them already.

Considering how you assign your repeat or single events is worthwhile too. Here are the impacts from the A, B, C options.


Thanks. This is the post I was hoping to get. I was incorrectly looking at adding “event” when I should have added an “other”.
Appreciate the great response on my first outreach in the TR community. Happy new year!