Adding a race to plan already in progress. Will the plan adjust?

I recently began a plan builder regime. The plan I built runs through the end of summer next year. I added my A race but now I’m considering adding an additional A race, and some B races at different points in the season. Will the currently built plan adjust itself as I add races and remove them? For instance, if I know now that I need to drop an A race and want to replace it with out at a different time that’s not the same type of race, how will the current plan react/adjust?

I can’t find any details that describe how intelligent the plan builder tool is once a plan is underway. Any insights, or related advice are appreciated. Or, if there’s a current thread that addresses it, but that I haven’t been able to fine.

You can click ‘recalculate plan’ and it will adjust.


Thanks for for the quick reply. I now see it when I’m in the calendar and add. It was looking in the plan builder section and didn’t find anything…just start a new plan. May be worthwhile in Plan Builder to link or instruct adjusting a current plan.

I appreciate the reply.

There is documentation on this and many other aspects of PB

What if I need to add events later?
No problem! When new events are added after a custom plan has been applied, we’ll ask you if you would like those events to be accounted for in your plan.

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More great info here:

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Those are the details/resources I’m looking for. Thanks!

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Where is this ‘recalculate plan button?’ I’m looking everywhere and can’t locate it.
I’ve also used the start date from when I began this seasons training and the plan builder built two weeks of training over my existing training… should I delete these scheduled events or instead keep going until the end of my current SSB block? Either way it now seems I have two rest weeks in close proximity (two weeks apart!). It seems the plan builder is kind of ignoring my existing cycle… any help much appreciated!

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Will the calendar change for a work out or just plan builder?

I can not find re-calculate button. Where is it?

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The Button will appear as a question after you enter a new race in calendar.
But only if it is an A or B event, and, if it is an A event, only if there is enough time before and after your new event to the next A-Race. Not sure how much it has to be, but quite a lot of time.

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Thanks Cobsbarch. But unfortunately that is just not happening for me here. I add in races but don’t get any such option to update the racing plan. Quite frustrated at this stage as I’ve wasted so much time trying to get plan builder to work for me. If remove a race surely it should also update… but no.

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Hm, that’s a shame. Maybe TR-Support can help?


Thanks for the help! I’ll reach out to support.

Any solution? I’ve added a couple of B races, one on the same day as a planned workout but I can’t recalculate.


So I am pleased to report that I found a solution via TrainerRoad support. They too had the same issues and suggested in fact erasing my current plan altogether. Then they reinserted the plan and this in fact fixed things… almost. The TrainerRoad MyPlan that was then created resulted in an addition to my current cycle extending it out six weeks without break. But I’m just going with it now… brought my weekly TSS to 500 from about 650 and then I’ll proceed with the suggested build.