Adding a race, but plan does not adapt

Hi - great first month with TR. just a question- I add a race to my plan but it does not adapt? Thanks!

Did you set up your plan using plan builder?


I think for C races it doesn’t adapt. Try changing it to a B.

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Maybe, but at the very least I would expect a C-Race to replace a workout on a given day. It is effectively a substitution for a planned workout, and I think TR would normally remove a workout on a day when adding a C-Race.

Ah. I didn’t notice the same day snafu.

I have the opposite! Add C race and nothing changed.

Hey! Welcome to TrainerRoad and to the forum.

Im taking a look at your calendar now and will follow up.


Thank you - thats very kind of you.

I like the plan, rather than ‘train now’ but also like to be flexible and put a race in. I guess being spontaneous is not so good for training, but im not a pro cyclist after all…


Gotchu, Mark!

Okay. When adding a C event, you’ll be presented the option to recalculate your plan, like this:

If you hit ‘cancel’, your event will be added, and your plan will not be adapted by removing any conflicting workouts.
By selecting ‘Recalculate Plan,’ you’ll be redirected back through Pan Builder (your previous events, Progression Levels, and plan settings are saved, done worry!) to reapply your plan and remove any workouts that fall on race days.

I just tested and double checked this myself, we’re seeing expected outcomes for those two options.
Try going through adding an event again and make sure to ‘Recalculate Plan’ to remove any conflicting workouts, and let me know if you’re still having issues!

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Ok - Thank you. I tried this the first time but something your side or my side went wrong. No worries - will give it another try!

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Trying this - but cant get it to work.

I add it, then do as you say, then you have to put the race in again so you end up with two?
Can I share screen some time?

‘Cancel’ seems a bit of a confusing choice of term - I would read that as I have the choice of add the event and have the plan recalculate, or abort adding the event altogether.

Prob user error - but from what i can see;

  • Add a new race with plus button
  • Select ‘Recalculate Plan’
  • The race you just added does not show up in plan builder so have to re enter it,
  • Then cancel the original race back in calender.
    This seems to work but guess It would be great to go directly into plan builder and edit there but cant see how you can Recalculate Plan without adding an event first.

No problem, Mark, we can help.
Im going to initiate a support line of communication for you, please keep an eye out on your email so we can get this sorted out for you. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the trouble!

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Hi @IvyAudrain,
I think I have the same problem. I added C and B races to my existing plan.
But there are days where race plus 90min sweetspot are together.
No good idea.
Sure I can delete or move it manually.
Is this a bug or as designed?


Hey Christian, this seems to be an issue the team are aware of. I believe this happens to plans that were originally built with “no events” option selected when going through Plan Builder. Is this the case for you?

While the team is working on a fix, here is the best workaround:

  • Add a dummy race on another day to start Recalculating the training plan.

  • On the Events tab, add the actual Event and then proceed through the remaining steps of Plan Builder.

  • Once the plan is updated, find and delete the dummy race.

Let me know if that works for you. If you have any questions for me, please just let me know!

Great Sarah!
That did work… it was a lot of work to create all races new. However, now I know the way.
Many thx

Great stuff, Chris. I’m glad that work-around did the trick. I will add your case to the bug report to help our developers get to the bottom of this :+1: .