12 weeks to train indoors, what plan?

Hi all,

I’ve been using trainerroad since October and have completed sweet spot base 1. I’ve seen my FTP go from 203 to 213 which I’m happy with seeing as i have had a couple of breaks due to illness and Christmas.

The question is what to do next. i have approx 12 weeks of indoor training left before I switch to outdoors only (depending on weather!) and im unsure which plan(s) to do in this time. I’m training for the Etape Dragon Devil in June which is 190m and 15,000ft of climbing.

i could do ssb2 and a build phase or miss ssb2 and do build and speciality but i dont want to peak in march, anyone have any idea which way to go?

thanks in advance

SSB 2 is 6 weeks , build another 8 weeks and Specialty also 8 weeks this will not make you peak in March . Do you want to continue training indoors even if the weather is good ? or do you have the possibility to train with power outdoors ?

Congrats on the FTP bump!

Just keep following the plan in order, SSB2 is really important as it incorporates a lot more VO2 work and prepares you for the build phase, you really don’t want to miss that, or build for that matter.

Speciality has been described on here as the ‘cherry on the cake’…without SSB1&2 you have no cake!

You say you are going to move to outdoors only after completing build, you may wish to consider a blend where you continue with speciality but swap some of your workouts for outdoor rides as well. If you are doing unstructured riding outside you can lose some of gains made through structured training without realising.

Good luck with the Devil, that looks like a hell of a day on the bike in great surroundings!

I really wasn’t sure on the importance of ssb2 but if its essential i will carry on with that and then move on to a build plan.

I’m not sure about indoor training whilst its good weather outside dont think i could do that! i am going to invest in a power meter and at least i will have the data on my outside rides to work from.

Thanks guys, sound advice.

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