Again which plan?

Hello, I have been TrainerRoad user for 2 years. Have done the complete 28 weeks training programs 2 times. And also the maintenance HIT program 2 times. Have been away from the trainer for 2 months and only rode outside for fun during this 2 months. I have a mountain bike race in 12 weeks (marathon type with 15 km in one uphill about 12% grade, almost all of it on Jeep roads and gravel roads, nothing technical). I made the ramp test and as I supposed it went back from 256 to 224!! Do you think I will benefit from doing ssb or should I jump to sustained power build and then what I can catch of climbing road race?

4 weeks of sweet spot, 8 weeks of sustained power build.


Along those lines, but more specific:

  • SSB2, Weeks 3-6 (Start with a Ramp Test instead of Bluebell).
  • Sustained Power Build (and consider stealing the last taper week from an appropriate Specialty to use instead of the final week in SPB).

Thank you both for your feedback. Will do that, makes sense.

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