11 months to peak (Plan direction?)

Hi everyone, I have looked for similar posts but looking for other peoples thoughts on this. I’ve been off the bike a while for various issues but as of next week I can get back into it full on. I want to be ready for next cyclo-cross season so I aim to finish the specialty plan around mid October. My plan is as I need to work on all zones to start with Traditional base as I have the time then go sweet spot base before a build plan but would it be worth hitting a build plan between the 2 base phases. I’m 49 and overweight and FTP is well down so happy to work on base but concerned of doing to much in build phases so I don’t hit the season feeling fresh.
Any opinions welcome.

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Losing a significant amount of weight can be counterproductive to building FTP.

So instead of TB, I’d do SSB 1&2 to get your FTP up quickly, then lose weight for 8-10 weeks (which can be done through endurance rides indoors or outdoors), then proceed with the standard SSB 1&2, Short Power Build, and Specialty routine.

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Time is on your side - it’s possible to grow FTP and lose weight but you can’t lose weight quickly. Your body will compose itself for the work you are demanding of it if you are eating right, sleeping right and working consistently. Given your long timeline, you might want to make a six month plan and then re-assess and see where you are at that point.


Thanks for the reply, I’m pretty sure my weight will sort itself out once back to a normal routine, but your suggesting SSB 1&2 then weight management then SSB 1&2 which makes sense I just thought with the time I had that TB might be a good start as not to much high intensity.

I’m all about getting the most bang for my buck.

So during a weight loss phase, where I’m doing endurance rides at a certain % of FTP (i.e. 70%), I want my FTP to be as high as possible.

Since you’ve been off the bike for awhile, you’re going to see pretty sizable gains doing just SSB 1&2, and with 11.5 months before next year’s CX season, you’ve got plenty of time to see all of this through.

11 months is far too long to try to follow a plan for. If you can, go and ride your bike for fun and build as much volume as you can. Then you can worry about training.