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A look into the preparation and execution of the Everesting World Record by Stans Pivot’s and Monster Hydro’s Keegan Swenson.

Keegan’s ride file: https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/keegels/rides/81082796-everest-fkt-i-think-i-officially-hit-everest-around-7-42-i-am-100-shelled-

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Topics covered in this episode

• How to select the best route for an Everesting attempt
• How to build a pacing plan for Everesting
• How should you train for a successful Everesting attempt
• The best gearing and equipment choices for Everesting
• Logistics and support strategies for Everesting
• How to build a nutrition plan for Everesting
• What Keegan learned while setting the Everesting World Record

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Full Transcription of Podcast

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