Justin Thomas is a Masters XC National Champion who shifted focus to a Cyclocross National Championship in 2017. Tune in and bring your questions as we dig into what it took to be nationally competitive in CX, how it differed from MTB, and how he balanced training, career and family responsibilities.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Friend of the Podcast Payson McElveen wins Singlespeed World Championships!
  • Follow up on Kona interviewee performances
  • Takeaways from training block in Kona
  • New Calendar updates!
  • Justin Thomas – Background in sports
  • Justin’s swimming tips from XTERRA
  • Justin’s experience at the MTB National Championships
  • How to switch focus from MTB to CX
  • Balancing training, career, and family
  • What to eat right before an early morning workout
  • Justin’s bike setup
  • How Justin warms up for CX races
  • What to eat before a CX race
  • Tips and tricks for getting a good start in a CX race
  • Does running fitness translate well for CX?
  • How to pace a CX race

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