Time Trial equipment that makes you faster, mental vs. physical limits, taper vs recovery weeks & more in this episode of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

  • The best equipment to use for a 40k TT
  • How to find the best TT bike for you
  • Which aero bars are best
  • How to save watts with your drivetrain
  • Can your pedals make you more aero?
  • How to choose wheels for a time trial
  • Which are the fastest tires for a time trial?
  • Best drivetrains for time trialing
  • What makes a skinsuit faster?
  • Are shoe covers and gloves faster?
  • How to hydrate during a time trial
  • How to differentiate physical vs. mental limiters
  • How to adjust your training plan
  • Are taper weeks different than recovery weeks?
  • Training for a stage race or multi-day ride

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