TrainerRoad and Zwift together?

So I forgot to cancel my Zwift account last month.

So How many people run both?

I find that they dont work together. Or is it just me? I know TR has outside ride support now but, isnt Zwift just fake outside. Does it really bring down the quality of TR?

The reason i ask is my wife wants me to ride with her on Zwift. And a good husband does and I do but i find it is holding me back. Zwift is just a lot of junk miles.

This is a edit so everyone who has said they work together for as computers. Thank you.

What i mean is training to get faster.


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I do #2


I’ve been doing this forever, they work fine, just gotta pair to one via ANT and to the other via BT. It doesn’t matter which is paired which way, as long as they are on separate connections there should be no issues.


I used zwift in conjunction with TR last winter.

I’d make workouts in the zwift workout creator and then do the workout I was supposed to do in TR.

The nice thing was that I could also do other rides in zwift that would perhaps be applicable to the daily workout of the TR plan.

For instance, on Sunday, you typically see you have a base maintenance workout in TR. On Sunday I would look to do a Gran Fondo or something on Zwift in lieu of my Sunday assigned TR sweetspot workout.

Whereas on a Tuesday or Saturday when there is a more intense workout. I’d make that workout in Zwift and do the workout that I was supposed to do in TR. By doing this I was able to level up fairly quickly and get some good accessories for the avatar. And on volume endurance days, you could just go get those junk miles.

Done it for almost 4 years now.

  • Usually both on the same PC, via 2 ANT+ sticks.
  • Next most often is Zwift on PC and TR via mobile phone.

If you are having trouble, the most common cause is not clearing the “Controllable” box in Zwift. It MUST be empty, or the apps will fight over control of the trainer.

  • That is entirely up to the rider and how they use it.
  • There are VERY GOOD ways to use it for positive benefit. But it takes some planning and thought to make it happen (just like any riding really).

Perhaps you know this, but I just learned it a couple days ago. Using the companion app, you can create a meetup with only people you invite. And you can choose to make it sticky, so everyone stays together as long as they pedal. So you could do your TR workouts while still riding with your wife on Zwift. No junk miles!


Since my kickr Core can connect to two bluetooth devices, I have TR on my IPhone with my Assiomas as Powermeter and the Core through powermatch. Zwift runs on my IPad with the Core only as powermeter.

I enjoy the social aspect oft Zwift and the software- and trainingsplan quality of TR.

But I have to admit: best experience is a zwift workout with companion app or TR with tour de france relive and music…


Been doing them together for probably 3ish years now. My setup has changed a few times but these days I’m Zwift on Apple TV and Trainer Road on an iPad. I use the Cable device to send my ANT+ signal from my Kickr to the Apple TV.

I occasionally go Zwift only if I want to jump in on one of their group rides, but most of the time it’s TR running the workout and Zwift on in the background just so I can watch my avatar ride around Watopia.

I’ve tried a few of their workouts and I agree the workout + companion app makes for a pretty good experience. That said they really need to clean up the user interface when it comes to workouts (I hear this is coming soon). Just choosing a workout is a very cumbersome process (especially on the Apple TV). I’ve been on Zwift since its early days and despite some improvements the workout mode still feels like an afterthought compared to the rest of the product.


I use both as well. Zwift on a desktop PC connected to a TV using ANT+ and TrainerRoad on an old Nexus 7 android tablet using Bluetooth.

Other than the fact that the TR app crashes on 5% of rides it all works perfectly. Time for a new tablet…?

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Depends on how you use it. I use both in parallel with TR controlling the trainer, so Zwift is just a display bringing eye candy, distraction and some form of encouragement (“let’s just get to the top of that hill…”) during TR workouts; and I do some group rides in Zwift running by itself, which are pretty good challenges.

Your mileage may vary.


My fiance and I used Zwift as a date night, we are 5 hours apart. I am a TR user and will use Zwift as a visual but I link my TR to Zwift with the CABLE device.

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Used both together for a number of years. Zwift is the Virtual world i ride in, TrainerRoad is my coach and controls the resistance of the trainer through their workouts. Works for me other than the need for two subs!

One thing you may be able to do is do a “Meetup” with your wife on Zwift with the “keep the group together” button on. You can do your TR workout, she can do what she wishes to do, and everyone might be happy! That button will keep you together on Zwift regardless of power differences


Been using trainerrroad for a year and since getting a smart turbo I’ve signed up to Zwift.

I run Zwift on my PC and TR on my phone and during the structured programme I run Zwift in the background to rack up the miles and level up.

Every now and again I just want a quick 30-40min spin if I’m time pressed or if the weekend ride is rained off. What I really do like about Zwift is it has the individual KOM, sprint and Lap sections which give a nice benchmark to help measure yourself, as well as add that touch of competitiveness. Plan is to unlock Alpe du Zwift which will be a great workout in itself.

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For me, running Zwift concurrently with TR makes getting through workouts (especially tough ones) easier from a mental standpoint. If that helps me successfully complete my TR workouts and stay on plan, then I think it’s making me faster.


This is good to know this is possible! As a new TR user past few weeks (into week 5) on SSB, I found other than my music I do need that extra eye candy/distraction to get through my workouts and watching sports or YT is not cutting it anymore.

Has anyone tried using the other virtual apps with TR, ie, Fulgaz, Rouvy, etc? I like the TR workouts as the baseline but need some cycling stuff for the visual eye candy.

I use both simultaneously. I run TrainerRoad with ANT+, and Zwift with bluetooth on my PC. I will probably use my phone for TR soon. TR controls my trainer in ERG. I also pair my power meter only to zwift and compare the numbers to my trainer all the time as a result (and have caught 1-2 discrepancies in both so far), but you can uncheck the controllable box.

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For about a month after signing up for TR. Thought I needed the eye candy but just couldn’t stomach Zwift after steering was introduced. I use it for structured training exclusively and thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous than oversized deer, glass causeway, & dino… I was wrong. Switched the subscription to Hulu and enjoying it much more.

I’m using them both in parallel as others do, but mainly so that I can do my structured workouts via TR while also progressing through the levels and earning Drops (Zwift currency) so that I can gradually upgrade my equipment in Zwift. This gets me better prepared for the odd race that I do in Zwift.

I really like the Zwift interface and find it very realistic for group rides and races. But when I’m doing TR workouts I don’t actually pay any attention to what’s going on on screen and instead watch TV or a cyclocross race on YouTube…

Ouch. I think it should be used in teaching UX as a set of examples of what not to do. There are too many things I could list - but just think about the fact that basic menu functions are not accessible on the screen where you decide what you’re going to do (you have to “GO!” to get access to it), and again from that “what am I about to do”, you can’t select an event you have registered for (even though you see the event and the fact that you have registered for it); clicking the event will deregister you, and the “proper” action is to “GO!” somewhere else than where you want to, and trust that the app will then realize you want to do something else than what you just said.

Motivating and exciting, yes. Realistic? Some of the draft behavior is too weird to earn that qualifier. Anytime you’re in a smallish group and pass someone going a little slower than said group, you have to really watch out not ending up sticking to the rider you’re passing while watching the rest of the group fade away. It takes a lot of practice to avoid zooming right through a group you have just reconnected with, or getting dropped again as you ease off the gas.


If your having trouble… I load Zwift completely first and then start TR, I have experienced issues if I don’t and never had an issue going in that order. Zwift connects to ANT+ first and then TR connects to BT.