Zoe Health - "Cheap" CGM / Microbiome / Food Response Testing

Essentially, it’s a CGM sub service a little like supersapiens, nutrisense etc but that offers poo / Microbiome testing as well as nutrition advice based upon a provided glucose monitor. You get sent lots of muffins with varying glucose contents and fat contents and then your response to each to understand how you respond to various foods.

It’s marketed for middle class health lovers, but it seems a cheap way for athletes to get this, and the bonus is the data is fed into a massive ML-enabled study to improve nutrition and gut health with the aim.

In the UK it works out at about £80/month for a few months (after which the idea is you probably have learned what you need to learn, but if you were into it you could perhaps use the CGM for the summer race season). Even if you ignore the gut health stuff, this is significantly cheaper than any of the big providers (nutrisense etc) because a lot of the price is outsourced by the funding for the study, and even if you just bought a CGM for diabetics it wouldn’t be far off the cost.

Been pretty much sold out since it came out. I’m curious, but I’m not sure how curious.

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Did you bite?

I have been getting hit with Instagram Ads heavily recently.

There’s an interesting podcast series that completements/advertises/pushes the Zoe service. I’ve really enjoyed the podcast series. However, my takeaway is that most of the guidance they are giving is pitched at relatively inactive people, or the bell curve of the population. Only one episode covered athletes, and it was really discussing elites. So, for me, it left a gap for the majority of the TR population - regular to very regular exercisers.

I would want to seek assurances how this interplays with exercise to make sure that I am not blunting adaptations, limiting glycogen stores, limiting recovery etc…
A member of my swimming masters group had a Zoe patch on last week. I must remember to quiz him…

I looked at this, but decided that it wasn’t actually that cheap, especially on top of the TrainerRoad, Strava, Netflix, Apple Music, Prime etc etc etc subscriptions! :persevere:

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I did, but then I bought a house so cancelled it for the money.

I also realised I already eat tons of fermented foods and a massively variable diet with loads of colours and vegetables, and practically having the CGM on is going to be descriptive rather than prescriptive (a bit like HRV). I already know I like to fast from about 8pm until 10am daily (because theres’ loads of evidence that this is great for longevity and overall health), but I’m not going to extend this (because there’s a balance with catabolism and protein intake) and I’m also going to carry on taking in fuels that spike my blood sugar (because I like bottles with 100g carbs in).

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Thanks for the reply. Is pretty much what i suspected

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