Has anyone tried Noom?

Saw Phil Gaimon pitching it the other day and went to check it out - concept looks interesting but at $50/month it’s pretty steep. I like the idea of something that’s more “coaching” than just tracking apps like MyFitnessPal, but not sure if it’s really worth that cost. Thoughts?

Whoop = subscription service that tells you to sleep more

Noom = subscription service that tells you to eat more healthy foods

Jumping on the oo-lifestyle-subscription bandwagon I proudly introduce…

Poop = subscription service that reminds you to empty your bowel

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Saw Phil’s video and had a quick look at their website. Seems like it helps people to loose weight. I’m just not sure if it’s on their body or in their wallet. I’m all in for meal plans & healthy eating but struggle to identify what value noom adds to that. Not saying it’s bad - but personally I give it a pass.


I’ve been using Noon for the past week. Disclaimer for you - if you ask to cancel your trial (at least in my case) the price was lowered to $20.

I’m not sure how well noom fits into a athletes life, if I can call myself that. It limited me at 1600 calories a day as a 165lb 5’6 male. I walk 10-15k steps regularly and ride at least 5 hours a week. It doesn’t add any more calories from walking but you can enter your bike rides and it. It seems like it does not add the full calorie amount of my rides to the allowance which is difficult/confusing. I know I cannot eat back everything I burn but I assume my lifestyle should be more than 1600.

Other than the food logging. The daily articles and psychological “training” really help me. They also give you a accountability coach that’s a real person. I have a history of anorexia and a poor relationship with food. I haven’t lost any weight in these days (I’m blaming my birthday and not using noom for a few days) but for once in my life I do not feel bad about it. Noom feels like an encouraging friend and I’ll continue to use it for now.

Hope this adds to the topic


That’s really helpful - thanks for the comments. I gave Noom a try - but had a very similar experience with the calorie counts, I’m 6’4" , 190 lbs and the initial calorie count was something like 1600 as well (even on just the “middle” pace for losing weight), and then I think it put in about 50% of the workout burn into my calorie budget. Seems like it might be a great option for a non-athlete, but I can’t imagine eating that way while trying to train as well.

That’s one thing I didn’t try out - the accountability coach. At this price ($50 or so per month at the high end I think) that seems like it could be really valuable. I’ve looked at online nutrition coaching, and it seems pretty expensive, minimum $100 or so even just for basic discussions (not tailored meal plans). Is the accountability coach helpful in your journey to eating more appropriately - or just more of a sounding board for your thoughts? Would be great to hear more on your experience there.

I asked her about the problem I had with exercise not adding enough calories to my day. she suggested I add in my steps as a workout or double the calories listed as burned from my bike rides. If I “double” the calories in Noom it will add the total actual amount to my allowance. I’m trying that now and I was surprised she worked with me and understood my problem.

I completed an article today and she “high fived” me and asked what I thought about it.

I can talk with them here and there about but Its not like having a online chat support there all the time ready to go. There are just small things that make you feel good. After weighing myself 3 days in a row I’ll get another message of encouragement, if I am not opening the app, logging meals, you’ll hear from them again. Things like that.

EDIT:: And $50 is a rough amount to pay. It makes me feel like mental health is a luxury for the rich. $20 is way easier to stomach.


I have a friend who is not an athlete who used it for weight loss, from her experience Noom worked better than myfitnesspal as the “coaching” gave her an accountability that helped to keep on track.

I can’t comment on the service, but 1600 calories seems very low with or without the person being an athlete at the stats mentioned.

fwiw, at 6ft and 70kg (154lbs), that’d be a 500 calorie daily deficit for me. Not including exercise, and that’s with me having reduced my TDEE multiplier a couple of notches with lower NEAT being 100% remote.

Hmm, that sounds promising. I also have a bad relationship with food. Everything I see goes in my stomach. With COVID, work at home, snacking became a real problem. At work, there’s no food, cafe is in a different building, or requires paying ridiculous amounts of money from the vending machine so that helped lots. Plus I used to eat lots of salads, but now the food in the fridge suits my kids more than me, so it’s really hard to eat properly.

I might give it a twirl.