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For the SIS, what’s the difference between the GO Isotonioc and GO Energy, which is better?

I am a SIS fan and long term user and the prices via their offers make them very appealing.

I was encouraged by my Torq Coach to try their stuff for a race. I’ve fallen for Cherry Bakewell in a big way and I find the Gels smaller and easier to carry and the 3 units per hour system easy to follow on the bike. For that reason I decided to use Torq for racing and events and SIS for training as it’s cheaper.

However I recently did a 12hr with one BetaFuel - current stock in the man cave - and one Torq gel per hour and didn’t run out of energy until about a week later. That seems to be a good combo for longer events, perhaps because both have Malto and fructose which the SIS Gels do not.

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Torq gels…rhubarb & custard tastes just like the sweets.

I think this is just an old labeling/naming thing, because all SIS Go Gels are Isotonic (i.e. they have water added so you don’t have to consume extra water to digest them).

I’ve been using them for 2-3 years now and they just work for me. I always struggled with the thicker gels.

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Whatever is cheapest/on offer…

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SIS- anything but chocolate. Easy down and don’t upset my tummy

powerbar gels. And the main reason why is this:

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I eliminate certain nutrition options based on ingredients (e.g. soy protein). I generally haven’t paid much attention to the different sugars used because I don’t have much problem tolerating up to 400 cal in an hour on the bike in basically any combination.

So I can’t say I pick them based on ingredients, but I will stay away from certain ingredients.

Otherwise, I choose based on taste, consistency, and price. Availability in bulk containers is a huge plus, which is why Hammer and Honey Stinger are among my favorites.

On the trainer, I’ll use individual packets. On the road, I want my flask.

I have not experienced a performance difference between any of the gels I’ve ever used. So long as I like taking it in, I’m good with it.

I use Huma gels as they’re the only ones that don’t upset my stomach.

Cliff shots w/ caffeine

Maurten 100, but ridiculously expensive


I have only tried Gu, I have a favorite flavor Salted Carmel. My stomach has yet to get upset while taking in up to six on a five hour ride, in addition to a Clif bar. I also take Hammer Endurolytes capsules on my longer rides as well. Easier to take in capsules than to drink an entire bottle of Gatorade for electrolytes. Reduces sloshing in the stomach from to much fluids. It helps with preventing cramps which I have not gotten in quite a long time, knocking on wood. I was sent a free sample of SIS Tutti Frutti Gel, I will try it out on my next outdoor ride.



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I’ve just added GU Roctane to my rides and it is setting well on my stomach. I drink EndurElite Sustain in my bottle but found I needed a few more calories for long gravel and mountain bike races.

SiS Salted Strawberry has been surprisingly delicious. I’m also a super salty sweater, so any additional electrolytes I can get I’ll take!

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Clif gels also feature tagged tops.

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I like Maurten but don’t like the price. I just rotate between Gu Chocolate Outrage and Salted Caramel.

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Huma… that was the one I was trying to think of. They’re pretty good… “gritty” like applesauce, but good flavors. They’re OK.

What’s the advantage of that top?

SiS and Torq gels for me. Not too sweet and not gooey.

you don’t have a small piece of foil garbage it stays on the wrapper

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It keeps the top attached after use, and it less likely to be lost as litter outside.

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