Maurten vs SIS Gels

Looking for anyone (@Jonathan, @chad, @Nate) who has used both gels and their thoughts on one vs other. I used Maurten drink mix when it was first released and liked it. I’ve been using SIS gels recently and am starting to run low (and bored). Has anyone tired the Maurten gels? What do you think about them, how do they compare to SIS? I know nutrition is pretty individualistic and I’ll likely give the Maurten a shot, just looking for some thoughts. Thanks all!

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I love the Maurten Drink Mix, and I actually just got the Beta Fuel from SIS which is essentially the same thing. I like beta fuel because of the flavors and will be a good change up to rotate the Maurten and Beta Fuel.

For gels, I tried the Maurten gels when they first came out because I love their drink mix so much. I however am not a fan of their gels. The gels have the same flavor profile as the drink mix but the consistency is unlike anything I have ever had. It feels like a thicker jello. I couldn’t get past the feel of gel so I’ve gone back to SIS.

With that being said, I know people that like them. So as you said nutrition is all personal.

I tested both and prefer Maurten. Maurten stays with me longer. SIS are thinner and I needed a second one a lot sooner. Also, I didn’t have any GI issues with either one.

Maurten gels have a weird consistency; it’s kind of like eating snot…it’s weird. They are small though. I’ve only had one so I can’t say if they work for me or not. I could get used to the consistency. They are super expensive though!

I’m now in love with SIS gels, I’ve got maybe 200 in my office and I use them every single ride. I like the flavors, the caffeine ones, the salt ones, ect. They agree with me.


The consistency of the Maurten Gels is weird at first, but I love it.

I like SIS gels a lot, and consider them to be a big step above traditional gels. They digest quickly and easily and the gel doesn’t give me dry mouth like traditional gels.

That said, even though the watery nature of SIS is nice in some respects, it makes it a pain to squeeze it all out of the packaging. Making it worse, the gels are long, so taking in a gel mid-ride is a lot like taking in an otter pop – a bit clumsy when riding at 250w. Also akin to an otter pop, the packaging seemed to cut the corners of my mouth, or at least rub them raw by the end of a long ride. Super uncomfortable.

In transparency, Maurten sent me a package of their gels. From talking to some of my friends, it sounds like it is something they are doing with folks on Instagram that fit a specific profile. That said, here’s my honest feedback:

  1. The packaging is much better than SIS. Small, easy to tear and not sharp on your mouth.

  2. The texture is weird at first. Like somebody said above, it’s like thick Jello. I actually grew to really like it. The thicker consistency and it’s tendency to bond like Jello made it slide out of the packaging easily and made it much easier to take in.

  3. If SIS leave less residue, these leave none. No dry mouth at all with them.

  4. The energy I get from them seems a bit slower/less potent than SIS, so I’d anticipate having to take in/pack more. Not ideal, but I feel like Maurten sticks with you a bit longer, maybe? Hard to say, really.

  5. The flavor of the gels is just like their drink mix. I really like the flavor. It’s like water with a subtle hint of real vanilla (no chemical taste at all). What I didn’t like about the SIS gels, or at least found strange, was that the tropical, berry and chocolate all seemed to taste the same, and it had a bit of a chemical taste to it. Nothing to keep you from taking them in, but it wasn’t pleasant. Maurten’s flavor really is pleasant, but it would be really easy to get sick of it.

For longer rides, I plan to take in Maurten gels and Skratch in my bottles. For shorter races, I plan to just take in Maurten in my bottles.


I’m curious as to what your protocol is for using gels during your sessions?

SIS gels have been a revelation for me. I would eat the Vanilla flavor just as candy if I could.

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Awesome info thanks for the response!

Great, that’s awesome info. I found the same with the chemical taste. I’ll give the Maurten a shot.

@Jonathan - What is an “otter pop”?

Otter Pops are frozen juices in a long tube of plastic that has sharp edges.



And a box of SIS gels in mixed flavours is super cheap via Wiggle, I just received another one last week.

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Another vote for SIS gels but agree they can be a little tricky while riding, especially on a mountain bike.

I will say that I’m still a fan of Honey Stinger gels as well. I find they are easy to stomach being honey based and pack up nice and small.

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Whats everyone’s opinion on the use of some questionable sweeteners such as the acesulfame K that SIS uses. They seem to be the only nutrition manufacture using it and the general industry trend is that these are being phased out for healthier naturally derived options.

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My childhood summers summed up in a photo haha


Maybe my adulthood summers summed up in a photo…

I moved from Clif gels and Hammer to SIS and not looked back. Expensive to ship to Canada eh, but worth it. As @Jonathan mentioned how their gel packs are opened could receive a design change. It does cut. I solved it by getting a couple of these. Softflask


No offence but I think that most of us non pro athletes should take what is good for our personal issues (lactose, gut…), wallet and taste. There is always a new bandwagon, a new fashion a new thing that is better in this smal tiny particular area. But is this the solution for our problems or is it just a way to not to the other hard work. If it’s the small gains approach maybe it’s the way to go. I personally stepped back from taking the perfect way. You can search litterally a year for a protein powder that fits your approach. And a year for your chain. And another year for your water bottle. Maybe you love that. But on every choice there is a downside. So I decided to not waste so much time on endless opportunities.
Everybody can do what makes him happy. Just wanted to add this thought.
Best regards.


Just get a small squeeze bottle (like a 8 oz bottle similar to what you find in a diner for ketchup) makes it easy to use on a MTB then. Thats what I use for long mtb races with lots of single track.

Same as you wondering the same. I find Maureen drink is better than sis gels overall.

Maurteen is the best thing I want people to shut up about. It’s our secrete